Alexandr Surkov
Yandex, IoT Russia

Moskau, Russia
Developer with more than 10 years of experience. Founder and co-leader of the IoT Community Russia. Experienced speaker and conference organizer, Microsoft MVP in 2 categories, certified by Cloud Solution Architect. Architect in Yandex.Cloud

Report: Why does the Internet of things should have "clouds"?
We will talk about the role that cloud services can play in IoT projects:
  • what the IoT scenario in the cloud includes (Egde computing, Connectivity, Preprocessing, Storage, Analyze, BI, Business Logic);
  • different options for implementing the IoT script in the cloud (different combinations of IaaS and PaaS services);
  • what the use of cloud is and where it can help save (why PaaS should not be compared with Hosting).


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