Viachaslau Shyfryn
Head of Wireless Applications at GHMT AG

Bexbach, Germany

Technical management and head of Wireless Applications at GHMT AG.
Wireless Applications GHMT AG provides engineering services for wireless systems and applications, principally for automating production and office buildings: planning and optimizing radio systems, monitoring, searching for and eliminating interference, providing electromagnetic compatibility in a radio channel and ISM frequency managemen, qualification of applications and terminals that are designed to work in wireless automation systems, consulting and measuring support for new technologies design and implementation; Lead the development of methods, hardware and software systems for measuring and automated analysis of wireless applications.

Viachaslau is a member of the committee "Radio technologies for automation systems" by VDI, as well as the committee 5G-ACIA, wich ensure the best possible applicability of 5G technology for connected industries.

Report: Perspectives and Challenges for Wireless IIoT: User View
− Evolution: from wireless automation systems to IIoT, sample applications.
− The economic effect during the entire life cycle of the system as a determining factor − the limited frequency spectrum and the need to plan, control and ensure electromagnetic compatibility in the radio channel. Examples from practice.
− The choice of a suitable radio technology and the optimal use of a radio frequency resource when creating hardware and software as an important factor for the success of the system. Examples of success and mistakes.
− How a user can manage a large amount of IIoT technically and cost-effectively, "industrie best-pactice".


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