Mihail Mateev
Ph.D., Regional Mentor for Central Eastern Europe at PASS, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP - Microsoft Azure

Sofia, Bulgaria
Mihail interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. He is also interested in programming, web development, and education. Technical Consultant, Community enthusiast, PASS Regional Mentor for Central Eastern Europe, chapter lead, Microsoft MVP - Microsoft Azure, Data Platform. Organizer of SQLSaturday, Azure Bootcamp, IoT and JavaScript conferences. His experience is in various areas related to Microsoft technologies, including Windows Platform, ASP.Net MVC, MS SQL Server and Microsoft Azure. Hi is a university lecturer on Smart Homes and Smart Energy IoT Solutions and has a PhD in cloud computing

Report: Software Update for IoT Devices - Best Practices
Software update is one of the major parts of the modern big IoT Solutions. This is probably also one of the most critical and sensitive parts in IoT Solutions. For the big IoT Systems we need to solve different cases firmware and business applications update. We need to have scalable and HA repository, but also need to have a device pooling based on campaign concept. It is needed to update software packages, but also often to provision containerized business applications. This talk is about the real-life cases and best practices when need to design and implement device software like general concepts and specific implementations using Microsoft Azure.


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