Alexander Kurkin
Lead embedded Linux developer at Promwad

Minsk, Belarus
Embedded systems developer specializing in writing low-level software: Linux drivers, Android hal, RTOS, firmware, etc. For the last few years, he has been involved in a telemetry project for a large European company specializing in removal of waste and recycling.

Report: IoT system for a company engaged in the collection and removal of waste.
Joint presentation with Ivan Kochetkov.
The report is on the IoT system developed by our company for one of our clients. The system is a distributed system for transmitting telemetry data from a large number of vehicles that provide for the removal of waste, the collection of these data, their processing and systematization. Description of the hardware structure of the data acquisition units installed on vehicles, basic interaction protocols, data processing methods. Description of the development of this system, its future prospects in terms of the use of IoT cloud technologies.
The main takeaway of the report from the speaker-developers who have done everything they will tell about with their own hands:
  • Description of the case of a really functioning system;
  • Guide how to put long-standing system on footing and implement IoT technology;
  • Description of the hardware construction of the system, logic of interaction.


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