Anna Kudinova
CEO, ExactFarming LLC

Moskau, Russia
CEO, Leader of Development, R&D in ExactFarming. Evangelist of ML and AI in Agriculture.
More than 8 years in IT, has successful projects for such areas as sport, telecom, banking, last 4 years - agriculture. Before becoming CEO of AgTech-company ExactFarming, was head of the R&D direction. Responsible for product strategy, product development, launching of new directions, implementation of ML/AI technology in the process of product development, partnership with research organizations.
Graduated from the University with a degree in Mathematics, engaged in research in postgraduate studies on the topic of cosmophysics and magnetohydrodynamics for 3 years.
Stack: C/C++, Ruby, Python.

Report: Sustainable agriculture = data driven decision managing agriculture
In ExactFarming we care about the future of agriculture. We build a data powered platform that transforms knowledge into action. The solution collects data from numerous sources: field sensors including weather sensors, soil samples, satellite and drone imagery, scouting data, information about pests, crop diseases and fertilizers and crop protection agents. Our proprietary algorithms allow to analyze and interpret this data and implement such geoinformation technologies.
What problems in agro can be solved today?
  1. Optical leaf diagnostics: content of nitrogen, chlorophyll
  2. Optical soil diagnostics: humus
  3. Soil sensory diagnostics: content of nutrients and salt, electrophysical, agrophysical properties of the soil, soil moisture and soil temperature
  4. Assessment of grain moisture ( evaluation its quality)
With this set of intuitive digital tools, growers can optimize input, maximize yield and operate farms smoothly and sustainably.


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